Wardrobes Design

Our variety includes regular, mirrored, sliding, fitted and freestanding wardrobes. You can choose either traditional or contemporary appearance, with a glossy finish and shining handles. Every wardrobe helps you to get the maximum use of each inch of your living space by means of additional shelving, the count of doors, split-level shelving, etc.

In bedrooms and children’s rooms, our wardrobes make it easy to store items intelligently and find those quickly. We maintain wardrobes in many materials, sizes, colours and styles. Our aim is to offer you reasonably priced wardrobes so that you can buy articles to put in with the saved money.

Mughal International wood works is a limited liability company, established in 2003 combining the mastery of old world artisanship with state-of-the-art technology. We create some of the most exquisitely crafted, solid and semi-solid wood doors and wardrobes available in the Emirates today.

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